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Adult Individual Therapy

Talk Therapy for adults aged 18-35


Adult Therapy

I provide in-person individual therapy at my office located in DTSP and virtually to adults (ages 18-35) struggling with anxiety, depression, being in college/grad school, everyday stressors, and relationship issues.


Even though friends and family may genuinely care about us, there are instances when they unintentionally make judgments or convey biased viewpoints regarding our personal matters. As a therapist, I see myself as an unbiased person in your life who can provide new ways of seeing things you've been struggling with while offering coping skills you can use throughout the day. Together we can collaborate to break free from old and unhelpful patterns, heal pain, mend strained relationships, or simply enhance your emotional intelligence, enabling you to embrace life to the fullest.


What will therapy look like?

Typically, I meet with clients weekly or bi-weekly for individual therapy sessions, however, the frequency varies from person to person. 

Our first session will consist of reviewing intake paperwork and talking about your background and what brings you to therapy. After that, sessions will typically consist of us talking about your daily life, stressors, and the progress you're making toward the goals we have on your treatment plan (with a few laughs and tears strewn in). I begin most sessions with a mindfulness practice to help ground you and clear your mind before our session.

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