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Adolescent Therapy

Talk therapy for preteens and teens ages 12-18

Teenagers in Park

Adolescent Therapy

Being a preteen or teenager can sometimes feel overwhelming or like nobody understands you. In therapy with me, we will spend our sessions 1-on-1 playing games and talking about what stressors you're currently experiencing.


Parents, it's important for children to feel like they have a place to talk that is safe and free of judgment or fear of punishment. We would all meet together every 3-4 sessions to talk about at-home implementation of coping skills and tools, but the therapy hour is for your child to express themselves freely.  

Teen and Preteen Therapy

Therapy can be good for things like test anxiety, friendship struggles, fear of the future, not getting along with your parents/guardians, or just wanting someone to talk to who can be neutral in your life. 

I meet with teen and preteen clients at my office in person located in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Child Counselor
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