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Individual Therapy

I provide in-person individual therapy at my office located in DTSP to adolescents/teens (ages 10-17) and adults (ages 18-35) struggling with anxiety, depression, everyday stressors, and relationship issues. Typically, I meet with clients weekly or bi-weekly for individual therapy sessions, however the frequency varies from person to person. 

Therapy office DTSP
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a form of psychotherapy that uses relaxing eye movements to erase and replace painful images, emotions, and sensations. ART works by reprogramming the way in which distressing memories are stored in the brain so that they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. Clients (Ages 18+) can choose to not share any details of what they’re processing. ART has been proven to be effective when treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and many other issues. If you have a primary therapist and feel stuck, ART can be used to help bypass that mental block and you can continue traditional talk therapy with your therapist. 

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